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Boge village, welcomes you!

Visit one of the pearls of the Kosovo Alps.

Boga village (Rugova region), is located in one of the pearls of Kosovo nature, in the Kosovo Alps at an altitude of 1300-1400 meters.

For years, this location has become the spring and winter vacation station of many social groups, families and anyone who wants to spend a few harmonious days in this fantastic landscape.

Boga offers you a variety of activities and adventures for all lovers of adrenaline, calmness, relaxation and comfort.

In the village of Boga you can visit the Mountains and the White Drin Waterfall to enjoy these wonders up close. You can go hiking and explore the Rugova Gorge and the Gradec Cave which are well known everywhere by all visitors.

You can try Skiing, Snowboarding and Zipline sports with your friends or family, to give the holiday an adventurous perspective. You can also enjoy the warm hospitality of many traditional cuisine restaurants located in this place.

Villa Blackline is located close to all major attractions and offers comfort and calmness for your holidays. Write to us and contact us for more information about our services, or you can book directly on our site and someone from our staff will contact you.